Non-Toxic Beauty Product Review: Native Deodorant

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Non-Toxic Beauty Product Review: Native Deodorant

Today I’m writing a review of Native deodorant, a paraben free, aluminum free deodorant that seems to be all the rage right now. I’ve been switching over all my beauty products to non-toxic versions and it’s been a slow but encouraging process. There are a lot of great non-toxic products out there nowadays, so you don’t have to feel like you’re making a sacrifice to switch. Also your body will thank you!

Deodorant has been my biggest concern thus far for making a non-toxic switch. Let’s be real, I sweat a lot. The idea of switching to a deodorant that is not an anti-perspirant is definitely scary for me. What is scarier though is knowing that the aluminum used in deodorant as an anti-perspirant may cause things like breast cancer and Alzheimers. While the evidence is not completely conclusive on this, I really don’t want to personally find out if it’s accurate or not.

So I have finally made the switch to Native, a paraben and aluminum free deodorant. I’ve been using this product about a month and will make updates throughout the year as we go through the summer season (high sweat season for me!).

Native Deodorant Review


  • Smells really good. I’m using the Lavender & Rose scent and loving it!
  • In current temperatures of highs in the 70’s (20 degrees Celsius), it’s preventing any odor all day long with no need for reapplication. I have a feeling this will change in the summer and will make an update then.
  • No staining on clothing, which is a nice change from my old favorite Secret.
  • You can order this product from Amazon or buy it at Target. No need to make a special trip to Whole Foods or a health store.


  • The price. It costs almost $12.00 a pop.
  • I still sweat, it just doesn’t smell. To be fair, the product doesn’t claim to be an anti-perspirant, but wet underarms take some getting used to.
  • The deodorant seems to be causing a slight rash on my underarms. However, I have found if I apply it only in one direction instead of back and forth, I no longer get the rash.

Overall, I’m happy with this product so far and will make updates as the seasons change. Have you used this deodorant? Please comment below with your experience or with other non-toxic deodorant recommendations!

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