10 Tips to Beat Summer Heat with a Toddler

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10 Tips to Beat Summer Heat

Summer is officially upon us (at least in Virginia) and the weather is in the 90s for the foreseeable future for us. My 18 month old LOVES playing outside no matter how hot it is. I’ve been forced to figure out how to keep him cool outside when the weather is at its worst.

If you have the same issue and need some ideas for what to do and how to keep your little one safe on a planet that is ever getting hotter and hotter, this post is for you! Read on for 10 tips to beat summer heat fast!

10 Tips to Beat Summer Heat

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  • Get a Water TableBest Toys & Tips to Beat Summer Heat

Water tables are super in these days and there’s a good reason: kids love them! They add more interesting play than a regular old wading pool and keep kids both cool and entertained for much longer than the average toy. I did a bunch of research on these and ended up choosing this one because of the on average excellent reviews from other parents on multiple sites.

  • Make Refrigerated Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Best Toys & Tips to Beat Summer Heat

I recently started making my own baby pouches using these reusable pouches from Amazon and I’m loving it! One of the unexpected benefits of making your own pouches is that you have to refrigerate them. My teething 18 month old is loving them in this summer heat. Read this post for easy recipes!

  • Wear Full Coverage  Sun Hat

Toys & Tips to Beat Summer Heat

I have posted about this hat before and I’ll do it again because it’s the best sun hat ever!! We are still using this hat a year later and it is the only hat we’ve found that actually stays put and provides full coverage of the neck and ears. My toddler does not mind wearing this hat at all as opposed to the others we’ve tried that he constantly takes off. It’s lightweight, breathable and has 50 SPF sun protection. Best baby hat ever.

  • Use Washable Swim DiapersToys & Tips to Beat Summer Heat

There is no reason to buy disposable swim diapers. Washable cloth diapers are the way to go, even if you have sworn you will never buy a cloth diaper. BTW if you’re one of those people consider reading my post on why cloth diapers were way easier than I thought they’d be! These particular swim diapers are super affordable and wash up really easily with all the other wet  swimsuits and towels you’ll have to wash anyway. My 18 month old is still able to fit in these, but I’ll have to size up very soon. Just be aware when you buy the “fits size 0-2 years” you may have to size up much sooner than they claim. Regardless you will save a ton of money on diapers!

  • Make Baby Sized Popsicles

Toys & Tips to Beat Summer Heat

I love these popsicle molds! They are super easy even for a 5-6 month old to hold and just the right size for little baby and toddler mouths. My son loved these as breast milk popsicles when he was really young to now loving fruit and veggie popsicles on hot days. You can use pretty much anything you have on hand to make new popsicle combos.

  • Find Free Venues with Water Play

Toys & Tips to Beat Summer Heat

Take advantage of various venues in your area that have fountains for water play. We have several outdoor malls with leap frog fountains. Just walking distance from our house is a little fountain that my son can get hours of enjoyment out of. Check that it’s okay to play in the water first. Once you get the green light pack a swimsuit and sunscreen and let your little one get soaked!

  • Stick to Shaded Playgrounds

Toys & Tips to Beat Summer Heat

Take stock of the playgrounds near you and opt for ones with maximum shade. We have one completely shaded playground walking distance to us and we don’t go anywhere else in this weather!

  • Do Outdoor Activities in the Early Morning

Toys & Tips to Beat Summer Heat

More than likely your kid is already up like mine around 6AM. Might as well take advantage of the lower temps and do any fun outdoor activities you had planned for the day right?

  • Hang out at the Library

Toys & Tips to Beat Summer Heat

Air conditioned local libraries usually have a play area for children and tons of children’s books. We can easily wile away a couple of hours at our local library. As a bonus, my son still feels like he’s getting an outing even if we’re not outside.

  • Get a Mini Fan

10 Tips to Beat Summer Heat

This mini battery powered fanhas gotten us through many hot days including the heat wave in Europe last year. Just charge the battery before you leave home and attach to your stroller to give your little one a nice cool breeze. Of course, this won’t keep you cool, but if you’re like me, when your toddler is happy, you’re happy. 😉

I hope these tips will help you beat the heat with your toddler in tow. Please comment below with your ideas for keeping cool this summer!

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