Non Toxic Beauty Product Review: Be Natural Organics Facial Cleanser

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Be Natural Organnics Foaming Facial Cleanser

My journey switching to all non-toxic beauty products continues with my product review of Be Natural Organics Facial Cleanser. I have been a diehard Cetaphil user since middle school. Giving it up has been a tough choice for me. However, with a 3/10 rating on the EWG database for two types of parabens included in the ingredients, I had to try to find a safer alternative.

Parabens are known to cause endocrine disruption and developmental/reproductive toxicity according to EWG. This is why the word paraben has become the equivalent to a curse word to people trying to avoid toxic products.

Be Natural Organics Foaming Facial Cleanser is EWG certified as avoiding toxic ingredients, having full transparency as a company and using good manufacturing practices. In addition, you can get this product on Amazon, which I love for the convenience! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

review be natural organics

Review of Be Natural Organics Facial Cleanser


  • The foaming feature allows you to use much less of the product
  • This actually does completely remove makeup, including waterproof mascara
  • Pleasant scent
  • So far, I’ve found it to be as gentle on my skin as Cetaphil
  • So far, it has not caused any breakouts
  • Lasts longer than most face washes due to foaming feature


  • None so far! I really like this be natural organics

As always, I’ll update this review after I’ve used this product a month or more with any new findings. Trying to switch all your beauty products to non-toxic ones? Read my other unbiased beauty products reviews:

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Interested in knowing why I’m making the switch? Check out this post.

Have you ever used Be Natural Organics Foaming Facial Cleanser? Please comment below with your experience!

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