Gluten Free Budapest: A Celiac’s Guide

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Gluten Free Budapest

Budapest ranks high on my favorite cities in Europe. It is artistic, colorful, flavorful and nothing beats that skyline on either side of the Danube. What’s surprising is how easy it was for me to find excellent gluten free food there. Gluten free Budapest is not only doable, it’s a treat for the tired celiac traveler’s palate.

Below I’ve outlined all the restaurants and bakeries that we sampled from, but rest assured there is much more than we were able to try! Budapest is a gluten free foodie’s paradise, so don’t be afraid to travel here with food allergies.

Gluten Free BudapestGluten Free Budapest

A completely lactose and gluten free restaurant, you will not be disappointed here. The food is delicious and the waitstaff superior. Be sure to try authentic gluten free Hungarian goulash here. It’s the Hungarian form of comfort food and tasted a little like pot roast to us. We also had the Thai red curry and BBQ burgers and they were both yummy.

Gluten Free Budapest

Cute little 100% gluten and lactose free bakery hidden away on a little side street. They serve pizzas, desserts and breads of all kinds. Great for a cheap breakfast or lunch.

Gluten Free Budapest

Great spot for a take away lunch for a picnic. The gluten free chicken Gruyere sandwich is delicious. We got this to take to Margaret Island for a picnic and enjoyed it in front of the classical music fountain.

Gluten Free Budapest

Burgers, tacos, coffee and beer. This place has it all and that includes gluten free burger buns, vegan cheese and gluten free tacos. We tried both the burgers and tacos and both were tasty. One tip if you’re American, spring for the angus beef burgers. The regular burgers had a strange texture to us.

Gluten Free Budapest

I know this is not fine dining or in some people’s opinion even food, but central and eastern European McDonald’s have gluten free hamburger/cheeseburger meals! Also this location is the first McDonald’s ever in Hungary during the communist regime, which is a pretty cool setting to eat your french fries. See pic above for what it looked like when it opened in 1988.

Gluten Free Budapest

Toothsome tapas awaits you here. All menu items clearly mark allergens and there are a lot of gluten free and dairy free menu items to choose from. We sampled the traditional patatas bravos, pimiento de padron and pollo al ajilla y guindilla. These dishes brought us back to our time in Barcelona with their expert preparation. Service again was excellent.

While we didn’t get to try every single gluten free restaurant option in Budapest, these definitely were winners and I’d highly recommend every single one. Have you been to Budapest lately and have celiacs? What was your experience? Please comment below!

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