The Ultimate Guide to Packing a Diaper Bag for Flights

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Packing a Diaper Bag for Flights

So this will be my last post for a few weeks until we return from our European adventure! We have survived our 10+ hour travel day to Prague and though a little worse for the wear are powering through. I posted on how to pack for an international trip with a baby in tow and this week I’m focusing on packing a diaper bag for flights.

There is nothing worse than travel days unless it’s travel days with an infant. We chose to go the cheap route and book our baby as a lap child instead of springing for the extra seat. I’d have to say, if you have the money, get the extra seat. However, we managed to make it work and hopefully did not drive any of our fellow travelers too crazy along the way. My husband and I took turns holding the little guy and we all survived just fine. I’ll write another post on how to survive flying with a lap child!

Because travel days are so difficult with a baby, a properly packed diaper bag is paramount to ensuring an already taxing day does not become a nightmare. Of course many of the items I list are obvious, such as diapers, but when you are scrambling to make it to the airport on time and in one piece, checklists with obvious items can be a lifesaver. So here’s your ultimate guide to packing a diaper bag for flights. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  • Diapers – Again this may seem obvious, but forgetting this item would be unthinkable. In fact I’m shuddering thinking about it. Pack one diaper for every hour of travel. Sound excessive? Think about what will happen if your flight gets delayed…
  • Wipes – Pack as many as will comfortably fit. You won’t just use these for diaper changes. You’ll also use them to wipe your hands, clean your baby and yourself, wipe down the tray table, etc.
  • Diaper cream – I recommend Burt’s Bees Baby Diaper Rash Ointment. It works at clearing rashes fast and is free of phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS.

  •  Bibs – Really the more you pack the better if you have a baby that drools as much as mine. I’d recommend at least 3 normal cloth bibs and these heavy duty bibs for eating in flight (you can wash them in the bathroom sink):

  • A blanket –  Airplanes are cold and a familiar blanket can also be comforting to your little one.
  • Nursing cover  – If you breastfeed, I’d highly recommend the nursing cover below. It provides just the right amount of privacy for close quarters with strangers and also doubles as a car seat cover.

  • Sippy cup -You’ll likely want to take this item regardless on any trip, but we found it helpful on the plane as another means of sucking, which is very comforting to our little guy. Just ask the flight attendant to fill it up with bottled water. We like this one because it’s easy for him to hold and truly is spill proof:

  • Snacks/baby food – Bring plenty of snacks both for you and your baby as travel days are long and sometimes airplane food just doesn’t cut it.
  • Toys – I suggest bringing some old favorites and then one or two newbies that will excite your baby at the right moment (aka a meltdown is coming). Dollar Tree is great for this.
  • Two extra outfits for baby – You know you’ll need them. Spit up, exploding diapers, it’s all going to happen.
  • A extra shirt for you – See above. It will get on you too. Do you really want to walk around with suspicious brown stains on your shirt all day?
  • Pajamas for baby – We were on an overnight flight so especially wanted our guy to feel snugly and know it was time to sleep. We love these pajamas because of the hood:

  • Ziploc bags – There will always be a use for these on trips.
  • Baby medicine and thermometer – These are both items you don’t want to be searching for in an airport or without on a plane when you need them.
  • Baby nail clippers – I don’t know about your baby, but I feel like I end up clipping our guy’s nails every other day. Another item you’ll want both on your trip and on the plane just in case. We LOVE these.

  • Snotsucker – Babies have a lot of snot particularly on planes. You should bring whatever snot sucking product you prefer, but we love this one.

  • Pacifiers – As mentioned before, anything our little man can suck on helps him get through these brutal travel days. Pacifiers are just another option in your arsenal.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes – Airplanes are gross. You can never have enough of these.
  • Lip balm – My lips get so dry on planes and I’ve never found anything that combats dryness like Aquaphor. The other awesome thing about Aquaphor is that it’s safe to use on your baby’s dry skin. That’s a win win.

  • Safety pins – These are great in a pinch to create a privacy screen with that blanket you brought. You can attach to the seat in front and behind you and voila! You have a private little area either to breastfeed or for baby to sleep. Also great for if your clothing rips or bra strap breaks.
  • Wet bags – These are awesome for travel to put dirty diapers and soiled clothing in. That way the rest of your diaper bag will not get icky. We love these bags.

That’s it! With all these goodies your diaper bag will be jam packed, but you should have everything you need for a successful travel day. Of course you’ll need a good diaper bag to carry all this stuff and I highly recommend this one because 1. it’s a backpack so hands free, 2. it’s large, but not too large, 3. it has a changing pad, 4. it has bazillions of pockets inside including a thermal pocket for bottles and 5. it’s very gender neutral so my husband doesn’t mind carrying it, plus it’s also super cute!

Please comment below with how you pack your diaper bag for travel. What did I forget? Any good travel hacks? I’d love to hear from you.

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