Boozy Irish Chocolate Mint Cupcakes, Gluten Free Option

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Cupcakes, there is really nothing that so easily makes your day better. Particularly if those cupcakes are NOT gluten free. Do you have fond memories of what normal cupcakes used to taste like? I know I do. And although gluten free substitutes are getting better and better, I would never expect someone I love to eat a gluten free cupcake if they didn’t have to.

Whether it be a spouse, partner, roommate or child, I would guess most of us have someone we live with that does not have a gluten allergy, but is forced to eat gluten free because of us. I know my husband ends up eating gluten free except for snacks because no one has time to make two separate meals. He never complains, but when his birthday rolls around in March, I know it’s time to make him a gluten full something sweet to thank him for the rest of the year that he puts up with my dietary requirements.

It’s been a year since our epic UK and Ireland trip and in honor of that, I decided to flavor these cupcakes with my husband’s two favorite drinks: Guinness and Jameson. He literally drank a Guinness with every meal except breakfast while we were there. Although, he certainly could have had it for breakfast based on our observation of the Irish at 6am at the Dublin airport.


I have never seen so many people nursing pints at dawn! We got the chance to tour the Jameson distillery as well and became official Jameson Irish Whiskey tasters (I have the certificate to prove it).


Our stay in Ireland was both relaxing and terrifying. A harrowing drive along a narrow winding road almost gave us a heart attack when we met a car coming the opposite direction. My husband was forced to back up a mile until the car could pass. On the opposite end of the spectrum, while driving around the Dingle Peninsula, we found an adorable older couple operating a coffee shop out of their home.


We got to sit and chat with them while drinking french press.


Another amazing discovery was the 360 degree view of the Dingle Peninsula on a hike through farms recommended by Rick Steve’s Ireland. We saw rainbow after rainbow and the beauty took our breath away.


So in honor of my husband and the Irish, who were such kind and helpful hosts during our stay, I give you Boozy Irish Chocolate Mint Cupcakes.

Boozy Irish Chocolate Mint CupcakesBoozy-Irish-Chocolate-Mint-Cupcakes

Makes 22-24 cupcakes


For the cupcakes:

1 box of chocolate cake mix (use gluten free mix if needed)

1 cup Guinness (sub water or milk for gluten free)

1/4 cup water

3 eggs

1/2 cup oil of choice or Kerrygold butter for richer Irish flavor 🙂

For the frosting:

Two containers of vanilla frosting

2 shots Jameson Irish Whiskey of choice (I used 12 Year Old Special Reserve)

1 tsp peppermint extract

For decorating (optional):

Green sprinkles



  1. Heat oven to 350 degrees Farenheit. Line cupcake tin with baking cups.
  2. Use mixer to combine all cupcake ingredients per box instructions and pour evenly into tins using ice cream scoop.
  3. Bake per instructions on box.
  4. Pour frosting into large mixing bowl and add Jameson and peppermint extract. Use mixer to whip until light and airy.
  5. Allow cupcakes to cool completely and then use piping bag to frost. Be generous!
  6. Decorate as you wish. I used green sprinkles for mine.
  7. Enjoy with a shot of your favorite whisky!


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