DIY Travel Themed Baby Mobile

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DIY Travel Themed Baby Mobile

We are counting down the days until our baby arrives and have the nursery all in order and ready for the big day. I knew almost as soon as we got pregnant that I wanted a travel themed nursery because travel is so important to my husband and me and we really want to pass this love onto our little one. Hence, my next DIY project: a travel themed baby mobile.

It is not super easy to find travel themed nursery items in the chain stores like Target and Babies-R-Us so I knew I’d be taking on some DIY projects with this theme and was excited for that. The first project I completed was a travel themed baby mobile. I knew in my head how I wanted it to look, but was unsure how to execute the vision. After some online research and scouring of the local Michael’s store I came up with the following and hope you’ll find it useful for whatever type of mobile your nursery calls for.

First you’ll need the following:

  • ¬†Six 1 inch/2.5 cm wooden dowel caps (you can find these at Michael’s in 16 piece packs or buy individually)
  • One 1 inch/2.5 cm wooden dowel (sold individually at Michael’s)
  • Super glue for wood (I used Aleene’s brand and this worked very well)
  • Roll of illusion cord (Found in the jewelry making section of Michael’s)
  • Large utility hook for hanging mobile from ceiling
  • Three small utility hooks for globes
  • Three small globes (I found great ones at World Market)
  • Three metal or wooden airplanes with hooks (I used these) As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
  • Paint color of choice for wooden dowels (I just used some leftover light blue paint I had from another project)
  • Handsaw for cutting dowel into thirds

Next assemble as follows:

    1. Cut the wooden dowel into three equal sections.
    2. Glue the dowel caps onto both ends of each dowel. Allow to dry overnight.


  1. Insert the small utility hooks into the top of each globe and super glue. Allow to dry overnight. If you find globes that already have hooks, all the better!
  2. Paint the wooden dowels your desired color and allow to dry at least 2 hours before handling.
  3. Next cut six pieces of illusion cord to your desired length and tie securely to the three globes and three planes.
  4. Cut three more pieces of illusion cord to your desired length for the three dowels. Tie one to the top of one dowel. This will be the cord that hangs from the ceiling hook. Tie the second cord to this same dowel and then attach to the second dowel to join the two together. Repeat for the third dowel.
  5. Tie a globe and plane to either side of each dowel, alternating as desired.
  6. Move the center dowel cords as needed to balance the mobile. This is easiest to accomplish if you tie the mobile to something so it can hang down while you work on it. I tied it to our chandelier and this worked well.
  7. Insert the ceiling hook in your desired location by following the instructions that come with the packaging.
  8. Finally tie the top illusion cord to the large utility hook in the ceiling and re-balance the mobile as needed.
  9. Admire your work!

Here is the end result for my mobile:Travel Themed Baby Mobile

I was pretty pleased with the turn out considering I didn’t work from a pattern and it’s been very stable since we’ve hung it a few months ago. You could tailor this to fit any baby nursery theme by just switching out the hanging ornaments. Please comment below and share pics of your DIY baby mobiles as I’d love to see this done with other themes!

Travel Themed Baby Mobile

Travel Themed Baby Mobile



2 thoughts on “DIY Travel Themed Baby Mobile

  1. Hello!
    I love this (thank you for sharing) and would like to create it for my soon-to-be son’s nursery. I am having difficulty finding the mini globes (even on World Market). Would you be able to share with me any ideas on where to find them?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Alicia,

      So glad you like the idea! That’s too bad that World Market no longer carries these. Have you tried looking on Amazon? I see a couple that are globe ornaments that you may be able to repurpose. Let me know if you’re able to find any!


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