10 Things That Are Getting Me Through Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Tips

I am going to take a brief break from the weeknight international dinners posts to talk about what’s most on my mind these days: being pregnant. I’m now in my 5th month and have to admit that I am not one of those women who wishes she could be pregnant forever. So far, I have found pregnancy to be an uncomfortable mix of weird symptoms (nose bleeds??) and watching my stomach balloon to the point that I wonder if my skin can possibly stretch any more to accommodate it. It does all seem worth it when we see the baby via ultrasound or feel him kick.

This is my first pregnancy, so I’m not a pro at this like some of you who’ve gone through it multiple times, but if this is your first pregnancy, I have a few tips that have helped me get through it so far and I hope you find them helpful as well.

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Gin Gins

    These candies were a lifesaver for me during my first trimester as I had morning sickness all day long. Any time the nausea got particularly bad I would chew on one of these ginger candies and it immediately would calm my stomach.

Baby Tips: Gin-Gins

Simply Orange Juice

    During my first trimester I developed a strong aversion to coffee (I previously was a coffee addict) and started drinking OJ first thing in the morning. I have been drinking a glass first thing in the morning ever since then even into my second trimester and find that it settles my stomach and the sugar gives me an energy boost. I know juice is not the healthiest thing in the world, but when you’re pregnant you use what works and this has really been a great coffee substitute for me.

Baby Tips: Orange Juice

Maternity underwear

I recently ordered this underwear from Amazon and it is seriously the most comfortable thing I’ve ever bought.I am kicking myself for not having ordered it sooner. For your first trimester your normal underwear works fine, but if you’re like me, you’ll find that the waist gets tighter and tighter as the months go on. You won’t realize how uncomfortable your underwear was until you try on a pair of these. They are designed to sit below your belly, but also give full coverage in the back and as an added bonus are seamless so no panty line! Do yourself a favor and buy these sooner rather than later in your pregnancy.

Maternity bras

    So I know it’s weird to recommend a Jessica Simpson bra, but she really did a good job on this one. I have come to the point where my normal bras just don’t fit and it doesn’t make sense to buy new bras if they can’t double as nursing bras once the baby comes. The problem is that most nursing bras are super ugly and also have a weird silhouette under clothing. I splurged on this bra at Motherhood Maternity and am really glad I did. It is super comfortable and actually looks good under clothing. Again do yourself a favor and don’t keep forcing yourself into your old bras.

Glutino GF English Muffins

    I eat these muffins for breakfast every single morning. This was another first trimester discovery and was the only thing I could keep down in the mornings. First trimester is tough when you’re allergic to gluten because all your body wants is carbs. These English muffins are really delicious and also bland enough to keep down when you have morning sickness.

Boom Chicka Pop

    Another first trimester discovery that kept me eating even when I couldn’t tell the difference between hunger and nausea. I lived off of the kettle corn in this brand for several weeks. Popcorn was another really great gluten free alternative to saltines for me.

Baby Tips: Boom Chicka Pop

Ikea Poang Chair

    I know likely you are not going to go out and purchase a chair specifically for being pregnant, but I also think this could double as a great and affordable chair for the nursery. We lucked out and snagged a free one from our neighbors who were giving away furniture one week. We washed the cover and it’s good as new and the most comfortable chair, in my opinion, during pregnancy. It leans back just enough and the padding hits all the right places on my back. It’s the only thing I sit in now.

Baby: Ikea Poang Chair


    I was very resistant to exercising particularly when my morning sickness was at its peak, but my husband and dog forced me out on long walks everyday. It really did make a huge difference in how I felt. It seems so counter intuitive to take a long walk when you feel like you have a bad case of the flu, but it really did help my nausea and energy level. Now that I’m in my second trimester and no longer struggling with nausea, I find it helps back pain and general joint pain that I’ve been having since my belly has gotten bigger.

BabyFit by Amy Prenatal Workouts

    For exercise I have also really been enjoying this YouTube channel. This is my first pregnancy and I had no idea what I was and was not supposed to do exercise wise. This channel was great because it takes all the guesswork out for you and I still feel like I get a decent workout. Some of the videos are a little short, so you may have to repeat them or do a couple, but overall these are good quality workout videos that I keep coming back to.

Target & Marshalls

    These two stores have enabled me to avoid getting maternity clothes so far except for underwear and bras. I’ve found that both have a good selection of reasonably priced, regular clothing with elastic waist bands or stretchy material that I’ll actually still be able to wear when I’m not pregnant. I’m sure I won’t be able to avoid maternity clothing forever, but appreciate that these stores allow me to at least postpone the inevitable.

And that’s it for my pregnancy tips so far. I’d love to hear any tips that you have, so please comment below!

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