Two Tone Dining Table – Part 2

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Two Tone Dining Table - painting

Last week I shared part 1 of my two tone dining table project: sanding. This week we get to the fun part of refinishing furniture: staining and painting! On day 2 of the project, we both stained the top of the table and painted the bottom part to create the duo-tone effect I have been obsessed with lately.

First I applied a fairly thick coat of Minwax Wood Finish in Dark Walnut to the top surface and edges of the table. I allowed this to sit for about 5 minutes to let the stain soak in. Then my husband and I used wiping cloths to wipe off the excess finish. We again had to use some muscle to get the surface really smooth and clean. All the work paid off though, as it looked exactly how I imagined.

Minwax stained dining table

If you want the stain to be darker you can leave it on longer or apply a second coat. I prefer one coat because I like the wood grain and imperfections to show through. I think it gives the piece character, but also understand the appeal of a more uniform effect.

Minwax & Valspar paint cans

Next I applied the first coat of paint (Valspar Signature High-Hiding Paint + Primer in City Storm Semi Gloss, Base B) to the legs and box under under the table surface. I used a small roller brush on as much of the surface as I could to create an even coat. My husband followed behind me with a small foam brush to get all the corners and edges.

Fast forward two hours, I applied the second coat as Robert had abandoned me to go play Ultimate Frisbee. I then allowed the finish and paint to dry overnight. Side note, read your paint can to determine exactly when to apply the second coat of paint. This can vary from brand to brand and it’s always best to double check.

Please tune in next week for Part 3, the final step of this project, applying polycrylic.

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